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6-5-2020 Update

BSLL Families,

The City of Bonita has given us permission to start using the fields again for league play. We are excited to get back out there and let the kids play ball. We’d like to do everything we can to finish our season with as much normalcy as possible, knowing that there will be changes we will have to make along the way in order to stay in line with local regulations regarding the virus.

We can restart our season immediately. With the safety of our children being most important, we feel it would be best for them to practice for the remainder of June in order to get reconditioned with their throwing before taking the field for a full game. Minor Machine Pitch and T-ball may start games earlier depending on field space. Any issues can be addressed on a case by case basis with the manager of the team. In July we will start games back up for in-house and interleague games with Lehigh for some age groups. We are hoping to play games for about five weeks. We will need to be extremely flexible with these games. Some teams might need to merge in order for the season to continue. Our main priority will be for the kids to continue developing their skills, and more importantly, to have fun.

I know some of you are concerned about All Stars so here is what we know as of now. The state of Florida Little League Administrators has decided to not have an All Star Season at this time. We will have a district level tournament between Bonita and Lehigh (the only other league in our area resuming play). The state representatives have indicated they are trying to plan some level of All Stars closer to the end of the year around our normal fall ball time frame. These tournaments, if they happen, would allow our 12-year-old kids with one last chance to be on an All Star team in the Little League Division before advancing to the Junior Division. When more information is given to us, we will certainly pass it on.

With all that said, there is the obvious issue of a continued practice of social distancing when feasible, and ways to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. We will put reasonable measures into place in order to accomplish this. Things like no sharing of equipment, hand sanitizing in the dugouts, and encouraging healthy habits. We will ask spectators to separate themselves in viewing areas and maintain distances around the concession area. If you have any symptoms or think you or your child may be sick, please do not come to the fields. Our complete safety plan is linked at the top of our website for your convenience. There is no way Bonita Springs Little League can give a 100% guarantee that someone in our league will not contract an illness of any kind. Coming back and resuming play will be entirely at your own risk. The safety of kids on the field will always be one of our number one priorities, but BSLL cannot offer any assurance against getting sick, nor can our insurance cover any claim as such.

Your managers should be contacting you to find out if you plan on returning to finish the season. We are asking them to get us this information by Sunday at noon so we can finalize practice schedules for the next couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing everyone at the fields again where we will do our best to provide a positive experience for those who are able to return.

Thank you for your support of our league,

BSLL Board of Directors


4-30-20 Update:

We hope this message finds you and your families well. We wanted to pass on some information we received from the city yesterday. As of today they are opening the ball fields in Bonita for private use. They are not allowing organized league use at this time. We are in constant communication with the City Parks Director and will be informed as soon as they allow league play on the fields.

Some stipulations for the field openings will be in effect and we wanted to pass that along as well. No more than ten people, adults and kids combined, can be on a field at any time. No use of the dugouts or bleachers is allowed. If their rules are not followed, they may close everything back up again and could delay the league's use of the fields. We hope our members will not cause a decision such as that.

Once we are allowed back on as a league, we will make a plan to safely get our kids back to playing baseball and softball. There is talk with the other leagues in our area to extend our season through the summer. At this time none of us want to give up entirely on this season so please bare with us.

Thank you for your support of Bonita Springs Little League.

Be safe, BSLL Board of Directors


4-9-2020 Update:

City Fields are now closed through April 30th unless the situation improves. There is a discussion with our Board of Directors and with other leagues in our area to extend the season through the summer so please don't give up on us! We want nothing more than to see our kids back on the fields as soon as it is safe to do so.  Thank you all for your support of this league. 

3-27-2020 Update:

The City of Bonita will be keeping the ball fields locked down until April 13th. If the situation improves, they will consider opening earlier, but at this time we cannot use the fields until they are unlocked. We will keep everyone updated as we receive new information. Thanks and stay safe. 


BSLL Families,


We regret to inform everyone that the City of Bonita has closed the fields through at least March 31st. The BSLL Board of Directors met tonight to discuss our options moving forward. We agreed to not making any rash decisions and handle this situation on a week by week basis. We are hopeful to be able to continue our season in some way and have discussed several situations for getting our kids back on the fields as soon as possible.


We agree with the City of Bonita's stance on the field closure at this time and understand that this break is needed to do our part in not spreading this virus. We will revisit our options at the end of March, taking cues from City Management and other officials in our area. When the time comes for the City to reopen the fields, we will let everyone know and decide on the best course of actions for our kids at that time.


Please understand that the last thing we want is to not be able to finish this season in some way. Your concerns are our concerns. We will continue to watch the situation and make decisions for our league in short increments.


We thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time in our lives. Please be safe and we look forward to playing ball as soon as possible.


Thank you,


BSLL Board of Directors

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The objective of our league is to implant firmly in the children of our community the ideals of  honesty, integrity, courage, respect for authority and good sportsmanship. We hope by doing this the children of our community will learn skills that will make them better equipped to handle a variety of situations and allow them to grow  into  future leaders of our community and world.

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